Now, and in colour…

I’ve neglected the Blog and RetroComputing since the end of the RetroChallenge, so here is a note of something really simple, to reheat things.

During July, I dug out my BBC Master to participate in a games event at work. It turned out really well and was a good opportunity to remind myself how the SD Card adaptor, that I fitted a while back, worked. The only downside was the Beeb ended up being plugged into a projector with composite video input, which obviously has become the standard input on displays, and the Beeb has greyscale composite video output, which is a bit disappointing.

Afterwards I resolved to try and fix the ‘problem’ and came across this mod on Sprow’s webpage.

After popping the lid and quickly and carefully soldering the requisite 470pF capacitor in place ( I’m a little embarrassed by the really poor soldering job in the photo, but my excuse is that I was trying to solder quickly to minimise any possible damage ), I tested it. And it works for me 🙂 Tanks in colour!



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