Now, and in colour…

I’ve neglected the Blog and RetroComputing since the end of the RetroChallenge, so here is a note of something really simple, to reheat things.

During July, I dug out my BBC Master to participate in a games event at work. It turned out really well and was a good opportunity to remind myself how the SD Card adaptor, that I fitted a while back, worked. The only downside was the Beeb ended up being plugged into a projector with composite video input, which obviously has become the standard input on displays, and the Beeb has greyscale composite video output, which is a bit disappointing.

Afterwards I resolved to try and fix the ‘problem’ and came across this mod on Sprow’s webpage.

After popping the lid and quickly and carefully soldering the requisite 470pF capacitor in place ( I’m a little embarrassed by the really poor soldering job in the photo, but my excuse is that I was trying to solder quickly to minimise any possible damage ), I tested it. And it works for me 🙂 Tanks in colour!



They think its all over…

Well. Its the end of July ( well, to be pedantic its now August ) and The RetroChallenge comes to an end this weekend, so it seems apt to try and see where I got to with my ‘project’. A personal reflection, if you will.

The good:

A month ago I had been intending to try documenting some of my projects. The badly motivated intention was that even if I’m the only one who looks at this stuff, at least I would have a record of how I solved the problem, or the ideas I had, and I might be able to more easily pick up where I left off. So if nothing else my RetroChallenge entry forced me to start this very Blog – Love it ,hate it, indifferent or self indulgent claptrap…

I’ve dusted off some of my Spectrum collection, found out what works or doesn’t work. I’ve discovered a couple of interesting techniques for loading software and upgraded my +3 to the +3e ROMS – something else I’ve been wanting to do for a while.

The Bad:

My rubber key 48K Speccy is still just as dead as it was a month ago. At some point I’ll have to get my finger out and get it working. But at least I now know.

My +3e still needs a simple IDE interface building, in order to utilise the upgraded ROMS as I intend.

The Future:

Where from here? The past month has forced me to read around the subject a little, (re)discovering ideas and creative peoples projects.The upshot being that I would next like to take a look at fitting a  simple IDE interface to a 48K and utilise Pera’s replacement ROM, possibly on an external cartridge, so I can *hopefully* (fingers crossed assuming I’m reading this right ) recreate the +3e’s ability to load .SNA files, but on a 48K. That was, after all the intention of this project.

More work to do. I’m sure I’ll have stuff to do between now and the next RetroChallenge…