What’s the story???

So, I’ve decided that I would participate in the July Retro Challenge, as a way to motivate myself into spending a little bit more time ‘tinkering’ in a structured way , rather than procrastinating on projects and spending the evenings watching T.V. .

I registered my interest with Mark last night, to get the ball officially rolling and to prevent myself squirming out of participation.

My project, of sorts, is to dust off a couple of Sinclair Spectrum’s and use them to investigate some methods of loading games, that doesn’t resort to using old audio tape.  Basically I want a cheap, easy and reliable way to make a Spectrum a usable games machine, without waiting around for 15 minutes only to find the volume knob was set wrong.

I know this is not a particularly novel, original or probably overly challenging goal, as it has been achieved in the past, but I’d like to have a meander through the options and find one that makes me happy. Fingers crossed I’ll find the time and not get too distracted by summer evenings…